Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Artistic Scavenger Hunt at Historic Santaella Cigar Factory Benefits Local Breast Cancer Non-Profit, Faces of Courage

West Tampa Center for the Arts once again takes a creative leap to showcase the arts of Tampa Bay.   “PINK”, a fine art show featuring the eternal master subject, the female form, will host an “Art Hunt” during the event, with proceeds going toward helping bring hope to families dealing with breast cancer.  A mad dash scavenger hunt around the historic Santaella Cigar Factory will introduce fine art, mediums, techniques and artists to participants and raise funds for the local non-profit, “Faces of Courage”.

A $10.00 donation to participate in the hunt will be added to additional fundraising efforts slated for the evening, which include a book signing by breast cancer survivor MacKenzie Crowne and her newly released comedic survival guide of hope, “Where Would You Like Your Nipple?”, a live art auction of donated fine art pieces and a special body painting presentation by “Nipple’s” local book cover artist, Lisa Scholder. 
Show Dates and Times:  $5.00 Admission

Saturday, October 13, 2012, 6 – 10 PM
Scavenger Hunt: 7:00 PM $10.00 Donation

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Coming Soon to a Gallery Near You - Revolution of Art in Tampa Bay!

Fibrous 1
Coming this Friday, September 21st, an explosion of hard core art and raw energy and a celebration of the One Year Anniversary of Hoffman Porges Gallery!

Two Tampa masters ignite the rough edges of the artistic world with years of friendship, collaboration and respect to bring a lifetime of creativity to the masses.

Greg Latch and Ray Paul have been friends, colleagues and competitive artists for years. It was 1995 to be exact when the two officially met at Artist’s Unlimited and began a journey of creativity and...
Rasta (Eye This Eye)
friendship. Destined to bring great things to each other and the place they call home, Tampa Bay, when asked about a name for their show, it wasn’t long before “Art Brutes” was thrown on the table.

Although Latch and Paul may not meet the original definition of French artist Jean Dubuffet’s coined term, “Art Brut”, the literal translation of the term fits them perfectly. A combination of “synthesis of life experiences and a desire to illuminate the subconscious” and “physiological and/or are fantastical in nature” these artists push the limit of imagination with an outcome of perfectly balanced rawness.

The most recent in a long line of art show collaborations from New York to Miami, “Art Brutes” is a select collection from the artists, including recent works never before seen. The Opening Reception, to be held at Hoffman Porges Gallery in Ybor City, September 21st from 6 – 10 PM will celebrate the rich blend of their artistic contribution to the Tampa art scene. A portion of art sales will benefit the Amandalee Fund, a research fund at Moffit Cancer Center, where Paul is currently undergoing treatment for High Grade Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Christine Reynolds Photography - Not So Hidden Talents Housed in Santaella Cigar Factory

The Tampa art community is endless with creative vision coming from all realms and mediums, yet there’s one area of the Tampa art world I’ve found often overlooked and somewhat under appreciated.  I could not help but ask why it is that a photographer seems to be considered a lesser artist in the art world?  Could it be that they simply have to buy a good camera, have a good eye for composition, find a great subject, make sure they’ve got good light and snap the photo?  I mean, how hard can that be?  Yikes!  I’m glad I’m on the other side of the computer after that comment as from what I’ve learned about the craft, that’s as far from the truth as my chances of taking an award winning photo with my camera phone. 

"And Your Question Is?"
Christine Reynolds, a commercial, editorial and fine art photograph, and one of Santaella’s first residents, brings a wealth of talent to the building and beyond.  The first of two photographers in house to hold the esteemed title of Florida Degree of Professional Excellence (Bob Sergeant is our 2nd resident to hold the accreditation); Christine goes one step further to achieve the coveted Professional Photographers of America (PPA) Master Photographer status and title.  Her most recent accomplishment in the 2012 PPA International Print Competition was having 3 out of 4 award winning images in three different categories (Portraiture, Commercial and Illustrative Landscape).  It would be safe to say that she is not only accomplished among her peers; she is also a fine artist in her own right.  It isn’t until you take into account however that most photographers stay in 1 or 2 categories that you begin to understand the true merit of her diversity and ability. 

One statement by Christine keeps jumping back to my mind.  “I create images as I see them in my minds’ eye”.  Well isn’t that what all artists do?  So again, I ask, why is it that a photographer is not as respected in Tampa as all other artists?  Well Christine, in my humble opinion, your art work and creative ability is not only beautiful … I believe it cements the issue that all us “Tampa art appreciators” should take another look …     

To learn more about Christine, her vision and her teaching schedule, follow her blog at 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Call to Artists: "PINK" - Fundraiser for "Faces of Courage" and "Making Strides for Breast Cancer"

Call to Artists - “PINK” – Fundraiser for “Faces of Courage” and “Making Strides for Breast Cancer

Phone: Moira Shiver 813-505-8802

Show Dates: 10/5/12 – 10/28/12

Application Deadline: 9/14/12 Midnight EST


Images: Up to 5

(Application Fee): $5.00 Per Image

West Tampa Center for the Arts (WTCA), a Florida non-profit, 501 (c)(3) is now accepting submissions for its upcoming October 2012 event, “Pink”, a fundraiser for Florida based non-profit, “Faces of Courage” and the national non-profit, “Making Strides for Breast Cancer”.  Featuring the art of “Bodies of Courage” body artist Lisa Scholder and author of the new “comedic survival guide to breast cancer”, “Where Do You Want Your Nipple”, Mackenzie Crowne, “Pink” will focus on the beauty, mystery, strength and soul of women through the talent, inspiration and creation of the artist.

In as many moods of a woman as there are facets of artist mediums, all work across the divide of mediums is acceptable and all artists should feel free to submit.  A retrospect of women, “PINK” looks to honor the simplicity and complexity of the ever studied and interpreted master subject, the female form. 

All images should be sent via email to along with your completed application.  Payments should be sent to the same email via Paypal.  For those submitting artists that do not have a Paypal account, payments can be made at WTCA’s blog through the donation button, 

Artists will be notified of acceptance no later than September 21, 2012, with a work drop off deadline of September 28, 2012. 

WTCA will retain a 30% commission on art sales and all monies raised after expenses will be divided between our two charities. 

For more information on this call for artists, additional open calls or information on WTCA, visit 




Application for “PINK”

Artist Name: ___________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

Email: ________________________________________________________________________

Phone: _______________________________________________________________________

Entry 1:

Title: _______________________________________________________________________________

Media: ______________________________________________________________________________

Size: ________________________________________________________________________________

Price: _______________________________________________________________________________

Entry 2:

Title: _______________________________________________________________________________

Media: ______________________________________________________________________________

Size: ________________________________________________________________________________

Price: _______________________________________________________________________________

Entry 3:

Title: _______________________________________________________________________________

Media: ______________________________________________________________________________

Size: ________________________________________________________________________________

Price: _______________________________________________________________________________

Entry 4:

Title: _______________________________________________________________________________

Media: ______________________________________________________________________________

Size: ________________________________________________________________________________

Price: _______________________________________________________________________________

Entry 5:

Title: _______________________________________________________________________________

Media: ______________________________________________________________________________

Size: ________________________________________________________________________________

Price: _______________________________________________________________________________

Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Common Sense" Extended!

"Morning in America" - Ligorano and Reese
It's official!

Due to overwhelming demand, Common Sense has been extended and will culminate with a Closing Reception from 6 - 10 PM on Saturday, September 8th

Public visting hours:

Tuesday - Thursday (September 4-6) 3 PM - 8 PM
Saturday (September 8th) 10 AM - 1 PM and 6 PM - 10 PM

Just like America itself, each artist has brought their own voice to the issues that mean the most to them. This show is a guaranteed must see with various mediums including painting, performance, sculptures and installations.
For those that just like art, you won't be disappointed. For creative and art loving political animals, it is a thought provoking diversion and an opportunity for as civil an exchange of ideas as this season will see.

Artists: Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese, Abigail Markov, Alison Terndrup, Betty Colburn, Boo Ehrsam, Bradley Arthur, Elizabeth Plakidas, Ernesto Piloto Marquez, Fotios Zemenides, Frank Bolock, Greg Latch, Jason Shiver, John Gurbacs, Julio Garcia, Lura Lee, Mark Signorelli, Michael Jernigan, Michele Lambert, Mishou Sanchez, Richard Girard, Sheree Rensel, Susan O'Hara and Warren Carrico Gibson.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Morning in America Moved Up Due to Impending Storm

Ligorano and Reese have reached an agreement with the city of Tampa and have moved up their art installation piece to tomorrow, August 26th at 11:30 AM instead of Monday at 3:00 due to the impending storm, hurricane Isaac.  For those wanting to witness "meltdown", I would suggest you come on out early as traffic, road closures and parking are sure to be an issue.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Free Speech Zone" for Artists

From the earliest announcement of the art show “Common Sense”, Moira Shiver, Art Director of the WTCA {West Tampa Center for the Arts} feared that the response from artists might be tepid.  “Artists have become used to declining opportunities for their voice to be heard.  Shiver said.  And with the climate being what it is, artists seem to fear the visceral ranting’s played out in the political arena and very often opt to sit along the sidelines awaiting their fate.”  But much to Ms. Shiver’s surprise, as word spread about an opportunity to be socially and politically creative, the artist voices have reached a near crescendo with requests for participation still coming in. 

"A Better Tomorrow" - Nicholae Tucker
Monday Aug 27th at 3:00 PM, featured artists for “Common Sense”, Ligorano and Reese will kick off the show with their temporary monument made of ice called “Morning in America” at Lykes Gaslight Square in downtown Tampa.  The melt down will begin at 3:00 PM and depending on weather, it is expected to last for several hours.  This is the 2nd display at both Democratic and Republican conventions for the artists.    
"Misinform for Profit" - Bradley Arthur

Touted as a “Free Speech Zone” for artists, this show may be the most creative, healthy and patriotic form for discussion available in Tampa during the RNC.  With Ligorano and Reese delivering on another compelling statement, it seems to be that “Common Sense” dictates that when a national party’s campaign comes to town, a true opportunity exists for artists to enter into the conversation.  The hope is that the conversation that the artists have started will be embraced by all visitors and residents, right, left and middle.  

Monday, August 13, 2012

Artists as Historians? It's "Common Sense"!

Abigail Markov - Beauty in Chaos

As artists, our means of protest are inherently peaceful.  We are declarative with ink, paint, clay and with the most volatile of all mediums, words.  At the end of the day, even the most benign of artistic expressions require courage to display. 
Julio Garcia - Abe Lincoln

Artistic political expressions are where society makes its most profound discoveries and where historically the records of cultures are espoused.  This show is a microcosm of the artist’s pursuit of this lofty goal.  A testimony by 18 artists of their view of the steps we are all taking towards the recording history. 

John Gurbacs - Apple Pie
Frank Bolock - JC Wept

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Artists Announced for “Common Sense”

Jurors for the upcoming political art show, Taylor Ikin, Rob Rowen and Carolyn Kossar announced today their selections for “Common Sense”. A truly “international” showing, local, national and international artists interpret today’s political climate through sculpture, painting and the spoken word. 
Featured artists, Ligorano and Reese will help kick off the show with their installation piece being installed in Tampa’s Gaslight Square on Monday afternoon, August 27th.  Video of the installation will be presented at the show along with a special video presentation at the artist reception to be held the night of August 28th. 
Below is a sampling of work you will see at “Common Sense”: 
Susan O'Hara - "Thinking Inside the Box"
Jason Shiver - "The Debate"

Michael Jernigan - "Casting the Ballot"

Mishou Sanchez - "Amendment 5 - Right to Bear Arms"

Mark Signorelli - "Knowledge is Power"
Zotios Zemenides - "Atra Mors"

Hope you can make it out and help celebrate the land of the free! 
               August 27th, 2012 "Common Sense" Soft Opening 10 AM - 6 PM
               "Morning in America" Lykes Gaslight Park in Afternoon
               August 28th, 2012 "Common Sense" Continues 10 AM - 6 PM
               August 28th, 2012 "Common Sense" Artist Reception 6 PM - 10 PM
               August 29th, 2012 "Common Sense" Continues 10 AM - 6 PM
                                                 August 30th, 2012 "Common Sense" Closing Day 10 AM - 4 PM

Friday, July 13, 2012

Call to Artists - Santaella Guest Residency Program

Call to Artists – Santaella Guest Residency Program - A WTCA Production

Santaella Studios for the Arts is opening its doors to artists outside its historic walls and is now accepting applications for artists interested in being a part of Santaella Studios for the Arts.  Our facility, located at 1906 N Armenia Avenue in West Tampa boasts endless gallery hall/wall space and will begin filling those walls with top artists work from around Tampa Bay. 
Artwork will be displayed on a quarterly basis and accepted artists are encouraged to use the opportunity to promote their work.  Interns and docents will be available for public and private tours Monday through Friday, 9 – 5 PM and Saturday 9 – 2 PM.  In addition to Guest Resident Artist visitors, WTCA will be targeting interior designers, art collectors and visiting tourists in an effort to facilitate sales and promote the art and artists of Tampa Bay.

Quarterly Hanging Fee for Accepted Artists - $25.00

Commission to WTCA on Art Work Sold on Artists Behalf – 30%

Artists wishing to submit an application should send an email to Moira Shiver at with the following information:

·         Artist Bio
·         Artist Resume
·         Website
·         Five digital images of artists work

For more information on WTCA, upcoming shows or how to get involved, visit 

West Tampa Center for the Arts
1906 N Armenia Avenue
Tampa, FL 33607


Monday, July 9, 2012

Guest Resident Artist Mishou Sanchez

Perky, bubbly, beautiful, upon meeting her it’s not hard to see where the creative energies come from. The bright vibrant colors of her Indulgence Series have the feel of this title. Batter-like paint tempts involvement from the viewer.  You have to touch it, rub your hands across it and indulge. All these are nothing but encouraged by the artist who, was witnessed many times in her show taking these pieces from the wall and insisting people touch them, feel their weight, and interact with the art.

 A fine artist but also a designer Mishou feverishly moves from one series to another. So at her recent show at the Hoffman Porges Gallery “Philosophy – Recent Works by Mishou Sanchez” there were several of her series represented. As you look to the upper level of the gallery dead center were the eyes of some of modern arts recent visionaries peering back at you. These are the eyes of none other than Salvador Dali, Freda Khalo, Jean-Michel Basquiat and others.

This prolific and extremely accomplished Tampa Bay artist (and yes, architect) still has some works that can be seen in Ybor at the Hoffman Porges gallery and will be featured in some of the West Tampa Center for the Arts (WTCA) upcoming Shows.

 For More info on Mishou visit :

Press Release - Common Sense Art Show

Media Contact: Moira Shiver (813) 505-8802


For Immediate Release: June 28th 2012

Tampa, Fl. – West Tampa Center for the Arts, a local non-profit artist organization in conjunction with Shiver and Shiver Productions announced today, “Common Sense”, an upcoming art show to be held in August during the Republican National Convention.  The show, titled “Common Sense” will display a range of work by local and national artists and will feature art from New York artists Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese (  The show, which will highlight current sociopolitical issues and document current public sentiment as seen through the eyes of the artists, promises to be dynamic in nature and filled with social under tones.   

 2012 Show Dates/Times

Monday August 27th “Morning in America”, a temporary monument by Ligorano/Reese (Tampa site and time TBD)

Monday August 27th from 10 am until 6 pm (Soft Opening – “Common Sense”)
Tuesday August 28th from 10 am until 10 pm (“Common Sense” Artist Reception 6 pm – 10 pm)
Wednesday August 29th from 10 am until 6 pm

Thursday August 30th from 10 am until 4 pm (“Common Sense” Closing Day)

For more information on this event or for information on upcoming events at West Tampa Center for the Arts, contact Moira Shiver directly at or 813-505-8802

West Tampa Center for the Arts

1906 N Armenia Avenue

Tampa, FL 33607

Call to artists for "Common Sense" - a political art show during RNC

Call to Artists - “Common Sense”

Phone: Moira Shiver 813-505-8802

Show Dates: 8/27/128/30/12
Application Deadline: 7/25/12 Midnight EST


Images: Up to 5

Jury Fee (Application Fee): $25.00


West Tampa Center for the Arts presents, ”Common Sense” a premier art event taking place in Tampa during the Republican National Convention. “Common Sense” will be held Monday August 27 through Thursday August 30. This show will display a range of work by local and national artists and will feature art from New York artists Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese (  The show will highlight current sociopolitical issues and document current public sentiment as seen through the eyes of the artists.  
West Tampa Center for the Arts is a Florida Non-Profit, 501(c)(3) located in Tampa’s historic Santaella Cigar Factory.  Nestled just minutes from downtown Tampa and the Tampa Convention Center, West Tampa Center for the Arts resides in what’s considered to be one of the oldest zip codes in Tampa.  Facebook:!/events/240258552758610/

2012 Show Dates

Monday August 27th “Morning in America”, a temporary monument by Ligorano/Reese (Tampa site and time TBD)

Monday August 27th from 10 am until 6 pm (Soft Opening – “Common Sense”)
Tuesday August 28th from 10 am until 10 pm (“Common Sense” Artist Reception 6 pm – 10 pm)
Wednesday August 29th from 10 am until 6 pm

Thursday August 30th from 10 am until 4 pm (“Common Sense” Closing Day)
Deadlines and Fees:

• Application Deadline- July 25, 2012
• Acceptance Notification- August 5, 2012
• Application Fee- $25
West Tampa Center for the Arts retains 30% of all sales.

• Interested artists may request an application via email at 

Rules and Standards:

• Work will be accepted on its own merit.

• The show will provide docents throughout the show, but artist is encouraged to attend (at least) the opening reception.
• All work must be original and handcrafted and must be sociopolitical in nature.
• All art shown must be representative of the work submitted in their application.
• All work shown must be for sale.
• All work will be hung by a curator designated by the show.

Digital Image Requirements:

Your application submission must be accompanied by up to five (5) digital images of your artwork. Digital images must be current and show artwork completed within the past two years.

Digital image quality is essential and can make a difference in your acceptance. The selection committee has only your digital images with which to judge your work. The best image is one that is full framed, is well lit and is representative of work intended for exhibition. Your submitted images stand as a visual contract between you and the “Common Sense” show depicting the quality, medium and work you intend to exhibit at the show.  West Tampa Center for the Arts has the right to refuse submitted work if those standards are not followed.

Note: Your digital images are your portfolio. Please use great care as you select art and prepare images.  Images may be used for publicity and affirmation purposes before, during and after the event.

Please be sure to carefully read and understand all dates, fees, requirements, rules and standards. Your completed application serves as your agreement to all terms and conditions of West Tampa Center for the Arts “Common Sense” Art Show.

Please contact with any questions.