Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Coming Soon to a Gallery Near You - Revolution of Art in Tampa Bay!

Fibrous 1
Coming this Friday, September 21st, an explosion of hard core art and raw energy and a celebration of the One Year Anniversary of Hoffman Porges Gallery!

Two Tampa masters ignite the rough edges of the artistic world with years of friendship, collaboration and respect to bring a lifetime of creativity to the masses.

Greg Latch and Ray Paul have been friends, colleagues and competitive artists for years. It was 1995 to be exact when the two officially met at Artist’s Unlimited and began a journey of creativity and...
Rasta (Eye This Eye)
friendship. Destined to bring great things to each other and the place they call home, Tampa Bay, when asked about a name for their show, it wasn’t long before “Art Brutes” was thrown on the table.

Although Latch and Paul may not meet the original definition of French artist Jean Dubuffet’s coined term, “Art Brut”, the literal translation of the term fits them perfectly. A combination of “synthesis of life experiences and a desire to illuminate the subconscious” and “physiological and/or are fantastical in nature” these artists push the limit of imagination with an outcome of perfectly balanced rawness.

The most recent in a long line of art show collaborations from New York to Miami, “Art Brutes” is a select collection from the artists, including recent works never before seen. The Opening Reception, to be held at Hoffman Porges Gallery in Ybor City, September 21st from 6 – 10 PM will celebrate the rich blend of their artistic contribution to the Tampa art scene. A portion of art sales will benefit the Amandalee Fund, a research fund at Moffit Cancer Center, where Paul is currently undergoing treatment for High Grade Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma.

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