Saturday, September 15, 2012

Christine Reynolds Photography - Not So Hidden Talents Housed in Santaella Cigar Factory

The Tampa art community is endless with creative vision coming from all realms and mediums, yet there’s one area of the Tampa art world I’ve found often overlooked and somewhat under appreciated.  I could not help but ask why it is that a photographer seems to be considered a lesser artist in the art world?  Could it be that they simply have to buy a good camera, have a good eye for composition, find a great subject, make sure they’ve got good light and snap the photo?  I mean, how hard can that be?  Yikes!  I’m glad I’m on the other side of the computer after that comment as from what I’ve learned about the craft, that’s as far from the truth as my chances of taking an award winning photo with my camera phone. 

"And Your Question Is?"
Christine Reynolds, a commercial, editorial and fine art photograph, and one of Santaella’s first residents, brings a wealth of talent to the building and beyond.  The first of two photographers in house to hold the esteemed title of Florida Degree of Professional Excellence (Bob Sergeant is our 2nd resident to hold the accreditation); Christine goes one step further to achieve the coveted Professional Photographers of America (PPA) Master Photographer status and title.  Her most recent accomplishment in the 2012 PPA International Print Competition was having 3 out of 4 award winning images in three different categories (Portraiture, Commercial and Illustrative Landscape).  It would be safe to say that she is not only accomplished among her peers; she is also a fine artist in her own right.  It isn’t until you take into account however that most photographers stay in 1 or 2 categories that you begin to understand the true merit of her diversity and ability. 

One statement by Christine keeps jumping back to my mind.  “I create images as I see them in my minds’ eye”.  Well isn’t that what all artists do?  So again, I ask, why is it that a photographer is not as respected in Tampa as all other artists?  Well Christine, in my humble opinion, your art work and creative ability is not only beautiful … I believe it cements the issue that all us “Tampa art appreciators” should take another look …     

To learn more about Christine, her vision and her teaching schedule, follow her blog at 

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