Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"THE REWIND" - An Artistic View of Tampa's Creative Past

West Tampa Center for the Arts (WTCA) is happy to announce its intention to take a step back in time to discover and embrace Tampa’s historic cultural past.  A kick off for the 2013-14 WTCA season, this themed art show is calling for artwork that captures the guts, gore, glory and glamour of “Vintage Tampa” and its long gone and often times forgotten eras of the 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. 

"Tampa Red"
Whether exploring "The Scrub", showcasing Central Ave and the “Chitlin’ Circuit”, the historical contributions of Tampa’s cigar industry and/or the underbelly of Tampa’s dark side, artists are encouraged to document and help teach newcomers and Tampa natives alike the rich cultural history of Tampa Bay and showcase the important influences it’s had on the world today.    

"Vicente Martinez"
"Santo Trafficante"
“They say that history repeats itself and I couldn’t agree more”, says Moira Shiver, Art Director of WTCA.  “When researching the time period for the show, I couldn’t help but notice the tenacity of Tampa’s artistic soul.  Just as in the past, there is an explosion of creative energy going on in Tampa Bay today, and that’s in spite of it also being one of the most challenging and financially oppressed artistic times in recent history.  Tampa artists of today remind me of our courageous ancestors who built a vibrant community in the throes of darkness and ended up producing some of the world’s most influential and celebrated artists of our time.” 

Artists interested in submitting work for consideration for “THE REWIND” can find the call on WTCA’s Facebook page,  Additional information regarding subject matter can be found at the follow links but not limited to,,  and 

See you in the past!