Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Free Speech Zone" for Artists

From the earliest announcement of the art show “Common Sense”, Moira Shiver, Art Director of the WTCA {West Tampa Center for the Arts} feared that the response from artists might be tepid.  “Artists have become used to declining opportunities for their voice to be heard.  Shiver said.  And with the climate being what it is, artists seem to fear the visceral ranting’s played out in the political arena and very often opt to sit along the sidelines awaiting their fate.”  But much to Ms. Shiver’s surprise, as word spread about an opportunity to be socially and politically creative, the artist voices have reached a near crescendo with requests for participation still coming in. 

"A Better Tomorrow" - Nicholae Tucker
Monday Aug 27th at 3:00 PM, featured artists for “Common Sense”, Ligorano and Reese will kick off the show with their temporary monument made of ice called “Morning in America” at Lykes Gaslight Square in downtown Tampa.  The melt down will begin at 3:00 PM and depending on weather, it is expected to last for several hours.  This is the 2nd display at both Democratic and Republican conventions for the artists.    
"Misinform for Profit" - Bradley Arthur

Touted as a “Free Speech Zone” for artists, this show may be the most creative, healthy and patriotic form for discussion available in Tampa during the RNC.  With Ligorano and Reese delivering on another compelling statement, it seems to be that “Common Sense” dictates that when a national party’s campaign comes to town, a true opportunity exists for artists to enter into the conversation.  The hope is that the conversation that the artists have started will be embraced by all visitors and residents, right, left and middle.  

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